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01 MAR 2023
iZONE is working to get more clients SOUTH and EAST of Centerburg.  
We are continuing to expand both system deployments, now almost 300 strong!   Looking forward  to a BUSY summer!
16 AUG 2022
iZONE is as happy with SYS-2 just as so many of you folks are!
We are SO thrilled with the Super Success of our SYSTEM-2 deployments!
13 JUL 2022
iZONE's NEW SIGN-UP and communication management server is UP!
iZONE Broadband is now making it easier to get info to new and existing clients, as we continue to grow.   Let us know if you have any issues when trying to reach out to us.   We ARE number ONE in customer service!
12 JUL 2022 update
iZONE did what they promised...again! 
Deploying NEW Wireless Tech to overcome the Trees

iZONE Broadband has found a solution for those who cannot SEE our towers.  It uses the latest  technology to enable us to penetrate into areas we could not reach before, due to trees.   

There ARE limits but we will likely more than TRIPLE our reach now!


We are scheduling expanded operations NOW, from our primary 350' tower just northeast of Centerburg, we offer NLoS and nLoS 360-degree coverage from there!  This System-2 is not to replace, but enhance

our current LoS wireless System-1.   

{{ Los=Line of Sight    nLoS= Near Line of Sight    NLoS= NON Line of Sight }}

Be sure to sign up to be on our TO-DO list!

For those who CAN see our towers...

SYS-1 Deployments continue on schedule now!

For those who CAN NOT see our towers...

SYS-2 Deployments continue!

for the CENTERBURG ZONE ONLY at this time.


Please be patient as demand is VERY strong! 

* SUCCESS WILL VARY depending on signal path obstruction density & miles to tower.

We have 85 systems operational 1-7 miles from the tower,  MANY through TREES!

We will attempt connection while onsite on the installation day, before anything is mounted.

Upon connection, full installation will resume immediately that day. (Approx. 2-3hr)

We offer HIGH CONFIDENCE but no guarantee of connection success due to natural variables.

Supply Chain issues are affecting us too; installation may be delayed without warning.

Later, more deployments will follow from our Utica tower, and maybe others too.  

- - -

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